Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Grey Hair?

Our hair is an important component of the body. It has various functions from insulation, providing protection, and buffering of friction to the skin. However, there is hair that also affects the comfort and appearance of the person. This is why some people want some of their body hair removed through laser hair removal treatment. Before deciding to undergo this procedure, you should first know the requirements to be a qualified candidate for laser hair removal procedure.

According to experts, laser hair removal treatments are most effective for people with light skin and dark hair. This is because dark hair absorbs light better than light colored hair and discoloration is also minimal for people with light skin. Through the continuous developments in laser devices and laser treatment technologies, there are now new laser instruments and laser hair removal treatments that can also work for light hair like grey hair. However, the results are not as easy to attain compared to laser treatments applied on dark hair. More session will be required but the positive results are definitely attainable.

Gray hair and blonde hair are usually resistant to laser beams. The result may also be short lived due to the inefficient elimination of hair follicles. To solve this problem, there are now new laser hair removal treatments which use a new type of laser device that does not only use pulsed lights used in conventional laser beams but it also uses radio frequency to effectively destroy follicles of gray hair and blonde hair. These new laser hair removal instruments are also applicable for dark skinned patients and results to minimal discoloration effect.

If you plan to undergo laser hair removal procedure, make sure to determine your hair type and hair color first so you will have certain idea on the kind of laser treatment suitable to you. Some clinics or centers may entice you with false advertisements claiming that they can effectively and permanently remove body hair even if it is gray, blonde or even white colored.

Before agreeing to any hair removal treatments, inquire first what kind of hair removal procedure they apply and the laser device they use. If you have light skin and dark hair, almost all kinds of laser removal treatments will be suitable to you. However, if you have dark skin or light hair, or even both, it is important to determine the right procedure and laser device that works effectively and safely on grey, light and blonde hair, as well as for dark skin.

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