Does Laser Hair Removal Work For All Hair Types?

Laser hair removal treatments are by far the most effective means of doing away with unwanted body hair. This process is fast, less painful, and most of all, it offers long term results. Nevertheless, every laser hair removal treatment does not always guarantee perfect outcomes. There are actually quite a few factors that may affect the success of laser hair removal. Mainly, the color of your hair as well as your skin type plays a huge role in the success of this procedure. There are some external factors also that can determine the success of laser hair removal. At any rate, all these should be considered for you to know if laser hair removal will successfully work for you.


Hair Color

An important aspect that will help determine the success of a laser hair removal procedure would be the color of the hair to undergo treatment. Below are the different types of hair color along with the possible laser hair removal results.

DARK HAIR – Dark hair, specifically dark brown or black, is considered as the best hair color to receive laser treatment. This is because dark hair will have the most pigmentation, which then allows for the higher level of absorption of the laser light. In addition, dark hair almost always has a coarse texture, which is highly favorable for laser treatments.

MEDIUM HAIR – This refers to medium or light hair color. These types of hair are typically easier to treat with laser than light colored hair. However, people with this hair color would require more frequent treatments than those who have black or dark brown hair. It should be noted, however, that not medium colored hair is coarse. Others with this hair color have thin and fine hair, so it would certainly be necessary to undergo more laser hair removal procedures for medium colored hair.

LIGHT HAIR – In comparison to many other forms of hair, light hair has got a lot of varying types. Generally speaking, light colored hair is the toughest type to treat. What this means is that if you have light hair, you will need to spend more money, time, and visits to the clinic compared to all other people with different hair types.

GREY OR WHITE HAIR – At this point in time even experts would say that white or grey hair is almost impossible to treat. White and grey hair do not contain any pigmentation, which means these types of hair will not be able to absorb the laser light that heats the roots or hair follicles.


Skin Type

Aside from the color of the hair to be treated, the type of skin you have can also affect the final result of any laser hair removal treatment. Look into each type of skin along with the possible laser hair removal results on them.

LIGHT SKIN – Generally, there are different degrees of light skin. Let’s say for instance two people with equally light skin get out in the sun, one of them will likely have a great tan, whilst the other person may have an awful sun burn. But regardless of the type of light skin you’ve got, you are certainly the most qualified type of person to have a laser hair removal treatment. Thus, you will need fewer laser treatment sessions, which means fewer expenses you will incur.

MEDIUM SKIN – The result of laser hair removal for those people who have medium colored skin greatly depends on the color of hair to have the treatment. What this means is that there is still a risk of having unfavorable laser hair removal results for people with medium skin. What’s more, they will need more laser treatments compared to light skinned individuals.

DARK SKIN – A laser hair removal treatment is tougher on people with dark skin. These individuals will need to undergo the treatment more times compared to those with the other two skin types. To achieve goo results, experienced and highly skilled laser practitioners should be the ones to perform the procedure.  It is important to select a clinic that specialises in laser treatment for dark skin as the type of laser technology they use plays a big role in the success of the treatment.


Hair Cycle

Hair Growth CycleThe hair growth cycle is another factor that plays a huge role in the success of any laser hair removal treatment. Our hair grows in cycles, but not all strands of hair grow in the same cycle. What laser treatment does is target the hair in its active growth stage, also known as anagen. This is why it is important to have multiple laser hair removal treatments to make sure the area is treated thoroughly.


Other Factors

There are various external factors that may also influence the outcome of laser hair removal procedures. Take note that some of these elements may not actually affect the destruction of the hair follicles after the treatment, but instead, they may result in some still undesirable effects on you.

SUN EXPOSURE – Any person looking to undergo a laser hair removal treatment should have their lightest skin tone during the period of the treatment. Even a light tan prior to the procedure causes it to be more difficult for the laser light to penetrate the skin. There could be instances also that a laser practitioner will require a client to apply a topical bleaching cream a few days before the laser hair removal just to make sure the skin is light enough.

HERPES – The laser light can worsen a herpes infection if the light hits the area close to the infection. With that said, it is important that the laser technician be informed about this prior to the treatment.


General Assessment

The best candidates for laser hair removal treatments are those with dark hair and light skin. And without the external factors mentioned above, the best laser hair removal results are very likely. The advantage they will get to enjoy are the quicker treatments as well as fewer visits to the laser clinic. This will eventually lead to lower expenses and more satisfactory results.

For light skinned individuals who also have light or blonde hair, it may be a bit difficult to expect great results, but they may still achieve some hair reduction. However for dark skinned people with grey or white hair, it may seem impossible to see any changes after the treatment. There may be some more advanced laser technology today, but they will also need to find the most skillful laser practitioners to perform the procedure. This is the only way they can see any kind of hair reduction.

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